J&B Label – Rare Stories

French agency MNSTR has kicked off a “Rare Stories” campaign for client J&B Whisky. The initiative takes the form of a four-episode 360° virtual reality experience, which takes us inside the bottle label to reveal a graphic universe that tells the story of how J&B started in 1750 in the U.K., carrying through in episodic progression to the Roaring Twenties in the U.S.

Viewers can explore the historic details with a VR headset or on the brand’s Facebook and YouTube pages. In this featured episode two of “J&B Rare Stories,” we see how Alfred Brooks (the “B” in J&B) came together with Giocomo Justerini (the “J”). Plus we get a sense of how the brand tapped into the innovations of the time, most notably the steam engine, to expand its reach well beyond London.


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