Jumeirah Inside is the most exquisite hotel experience to ever exist. Unprecedented in scope and scale, Jumeirah Inside travels through 23 hotels in a Google Street View-like experience with 360 video and various interactive features. The experience offers an exclusive look inside the world’s most luxurious hotels and features a captivating film that connects the key locations. The experience is built around the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the world-famous luxury hotel that has inspired the standards for Jumeirah’s other resorts. With Jumeirah Inside, visitors can explore each hotel freely and book a suite straight from the 360 experience.

Visit Website: http://inside.jumeirah.com/

Source: https://www.mediamonks.com/case/jumeirah-inside

screencapture-inside-jumeirah-com-en-1469568191666 (Cópia)

screencapture-inside-jumeirah-com-en-hotels-resorts-burj-al-arab-spheres-restaurants-al-mahara-entrance-tunnel-1469568345005 (Cópia)


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